Lintory is Alpha software. As such these limitations may be removed if there is enough demand.

Warning: Database schema is also experimental and subject to change.

Monotone instructions

How to download Lintory.

  1. Download/install required packages

    sudo apt-get install monotone bzr git-core
    bzr branch lp:django-tables django-tables

    Need to put django-tables/django_tables in python path.

    git clone git:// django-filter

    Need to put django-filter/filter in python path.

  2. Use monotone to download the source code:

    mtn --db=/some/path/ db init
    mtn --db=/some/path/ pull org.vpac.brian.lintory.main
    mtn --db=/some/path/ co --branch org.vpac.brian.lintory.main lintory
    cd lintory

    Replace /some/path with path where you want to put monotone database. This contains the full revision history of the source code.

    The fingerprint of the remote server is a52f85615cb2445989f525bf17a603250381a751 (in case you trust this website...).

  3. Proceed to installation.